Thanks for what you do Natalie.   I've been rescuing cats for about
40 years now and have 14 N/S rescued cats at home and more in a building
I bought in 2004 and made into a cageless sanctuary for abused, abandoned
cats. I also TNR, but as you said, I don't see much change in the number
of kittens being born.  People still don't N/S as they find it much
easier to dump their unwanted cats.   It is difficult not to detest
most people...... Meaning people like that who care so little about 
their animals.


On 10-03, Natalie wrote:
>    Yes, it would make sense - if cats had not been domesticated so long
>    ago, they would still be part of the natural ecosystem, be considered
>    wildlife and probably still reproduce only once, instead of numerous
>    times throughout the year, as they do now.  It does happen to most
>    wildlife, but obviously very differently, depending on the species.
>    It's too bad that this doesn't apply to domesticated animals anymore.
>    I doubt that companion animals will ever become extinct.  My hope would
>    be that every time someone wanted a cat or a dog, they would have to be
>    on a waiting list - what's happening right now, is obscene - the number
>    of healthy, beautiful animals that are killed routinely in shelters and
>    pounds is unbearable.  I started the cat rescue 20 years ago, and I
>    don't think much has changed, other than other small groups in the area
>    doing the same thing.  People are still not spaying/neutering, still
>    abandoning their pets, and many are still total jerks!  Those of us who
>    do rescue, are paying emotional, physically, and financially for
>    others' irresponsible behavior, because we care.

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