Can't say I blame you for not backing down on the declawing.  My mom
didn't even like cats enough to adopt one. I never figured out how
I became such an animal lover, because I was always dragging home
injured animals and Mom would say "Get that filthy thing out of here". 
If my mom saw how many cats I have now she'd turn over in her grave.


On 10-04, Edna Taylor wrote:
>    Lorrie,  I agree with you 100%.  My Mom has wanted to adopt several
>    kittens I have had in the past and I have always told her "NO" because
>    she declaws, then she complains that her cats aren't as sweet and
>    social as they were when they were kittens and I say "that's because
>    you tortured and mutilated them, good going Mom".  That is one position
>    that I will NOT back down from and I don't care if it hurts my Mom's
>    feelings because she should have never done it in the first place and
>    for what? furniture?  pppppppfffffffffttttttttttttt.  Don't get me
>    wrong, I love my Mom but I don't agree with what she did.  Declawing is
>    cruel and inhumane :(
>    Edna
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