Edna, ondansetron (generic for Zofran) is a good med for nausea for cats.  Your 
vet will have to give you a Rx for it.  Check around at your local pharmacies 
as cost will vary a lot.  Usual dose is 1 mg every 8-12 hrs.    That and the 
pain meds will help make her comfortable.  I also fed whatever they wanted from 
meat baby food to baked salmon. 
Ondansetron can also be ordered on line with a Rx from 
Hugs to Sophia

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She does get nauseous a lot and we have her on some strong pain meds.  She is 
losing so much weight but I give her Fancy Feast and love on her.  Unlike dogs, 
cats are such picky eaters to begin with :(  I wish she would eat burgers and 
The vet who diagnosed her has been our vet for a long time and I absolutely 
trust her.  I knew something was wrong with SuzieQ because she just wasn't 
acting like herself and she was a bit thinner and then Dr. M found a big mass 
in her abdomen, did surgery and took a biopsy, it came back cancer :(
I try to give her lots of attention but unfortunately Frank goes out of town 
so much and I work full-time so when I get home I have to clean up and take 
care of everyone else and then I try to spend extra time alone with her :(
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