If chemotherapy is an option, you could try one dose on the
Wisconsin-Madison protocol.

my diabetic Danny was dx with lymphoma in his liver, intestines and liver -
very fast moving.  he was given very poor prognosis, maybe 10% of making a
couple months, and could easily die from the chemo since he was so
debilitated from the time it took to get a diagnosis.  honestly I only
tried because it was my sons cat and he begged for one more chance for
Danny to fight (he had beaten several life threatening illnesses before).
 Well don't you know that chemo stomped the crap out of that cancer and
literally the day after the chemo, Danny was like a new cat and came home
and ate like crazy... this was the day I thought I would be letting him go.
 I was actually furious with the ER vet because I called and was told he
could come home and I thought they didn't even know which horribly sick cat
was mine.   That was 5.5 years who and Danny is still cancer free.  (He did
complete the 26 week protocol)

The point is, sometimes you get lucky.  One dose of chemo will let you know
if chemo is going to work, statistically.  Those that respond well to the
first dose tend to do very well; those that don't respond, don't do well.
 So you could stop after the first chemo if it didn't help.

Another thing to try either way is agaricus blazei from Atlasworldusa.com.
 this is given to all cancer patients by Dr Alice villalobos who is one of
the nations top feline cancer specialists (Google villalobos
immunonutrition).  It is low cost and Danny's weekly bloodwork proved
without a doubt that it greatly increased his white blood cell count during

By the way do not let the liver damage overly scare you.  The liver can
heal itself, regenerate.  Denamarin works great.  Danny's went from very
damaged per bloodwork to normal in a month.

Best wishes whatever you decide.


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> REALLY?  Y'all think so?  I don't think anyone is being mean and hateful,
but then again, I tend to see the positive side of most things :)
> Anywho, I'll ask again DOES anyone have any advice on things I can do to
make SuzieQ more comfortable in her last days.  She is 2-3 years old, was
diagnosed with a rapidly advancing cancer a couple of weeks ago, doctor
said she was exposed to FeLuk as a kitten even though she was able to shed
the virus but there is nothing we can do because the cancer has
already compromised her liver, etc.  Anyone have any pearls of wisdom to
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