Thanks for the heads up! I do appreciate it! Wow!!  
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Unfortunately, I had to erase that mailing so that this can go through. But you 
will see it in some of the links below, if you care to see that it's nonsense.

Always double check, that's the problem, because there's a lot of untruth 
everywhere! If you go to all the fact checkers, believe me, you will see that 
all this is absolute nonsense! The mailing you sent is specifically  mentioned 
as being pure fiction. Such urban legends are a dime a dozen, about anyone you 
can think of.
 A whole page of Soros and snopes! Unfortunately, what someone sent you is 
truly right-wing conspiracy theories!

This should thoroughly add to disproving that ridiculous stuff that goes 
around! No matter what my political leanings, I always check it out, no matter 
about whom this garbage is written.  I can't imagine why anyone would write 
stuff like that, is that all they do?   

About, on snopes: - which is 
proven to be correct when checked on other sources. Co-founder Greg Mikkelson 
(co-founder wife) is a registered Republican, and yet manages to remain 
unbiased about both parties.!  

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Hi ~  just my opinion,

I had always wondered, "Why should we believe"  Who is checking on 
them to make sure they are telling the truth and have facts."  I went on their 
site along time ago and there was nothing that convinced me they would know 
anymore than anyone else that knows how to work, or manipulate computers.

The bottom line is if anyone ever REALLY wants to know the truth about anything 
said, or on-line, you have to research/investigate it yourself.  IF I care 
enough, that is what I do.  I learned that lesson the hard way many years ago..

IF anyone cares enough to go outside of to research the information 
below to see if it is true ~ your choice.  Why would this person 
not be telling the truth anymore than   My point is why should 
anyone believe  Who are they  really.....and..... the truth has to 
be searched for, not provided by a ghost on line.

Just my two cents~

**Read below** (I did not write this, but it sure has me wondering)



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