Nothing angers me more then people who get rid of their pets because they 
become to much "work". More so the people who have the 10 yr old cat/dog and 
are having a baby so they need to "rehome" the cat/dog, or they just don't have 
time anymore that the animal needs. Why didn't they think of this before 
getting the animal? And in all honesty, my grandmother gave me a hard time for 
having 2 cats when my daughter was born one was 2 and the other was 11... Once 
the baby was born i don't ever recall them getting into her bed or drinking her 
milk if anything they were terrified! I live in an area where we get a lot of 
drop offs, and it's pretty depressing, I would like to keep them all, most are 
skittish and scared, sometimes they come back and sometimes they don't... I 
woudl love to drop off those people somewhere! 

"The Lord replied,‘The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in 
the sand, is when I carried you" MS

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   I agree with that!  We keep extending our lives and breeding with no regard 
as to how we will feed and care for the children.  So many just let hem run 
wild and then they start making babies.  Some even do it for the money - one 
lady in news recently admitted she had children and encouraged her daughters to 
do same for the money they get for each baby.  WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR MORALS, 
SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG?  Then we let cats and dogs breed so the children can 
witness the miracle of birth and have a little kitten/puppy.  Then when it 
becomes too much trouble, out it goes like and old piece of clothing.  All of 
my cats came in as ferals or "dump" cats left behind by uncaring owners.---- 
Lorrie <> wrote: > Lee,   We think alike.........  
Humans are the main cause of most of the> problems on earth!  Too bad we have 
to keep feeding hunters, irresponsible> pet owners, polluters, and other jerks 
like this.> > Lorrie> > On
 10-04, Lee Evans wrote:> >    During the years of concentration camps, very 
few babies were born to> >    the women who were being tortured there, even 
though rape was rampant.> >    It wasn't that they "turned off their 
reproductive system" because it> >    was a "legitimate rape" but because below 
a certain nutritional level,> >    the body of a woman can't sustain a 
pregnancy and miscarries.  Deer and> >    other wild animal populations 
regulate themselves during times when> >    food is scarce and then grow during 
times when food is readily> >    available.  Feeding corn to deer in the winter 
assures all these> >    darling sport hunters of a good stock of victims for 
their sport when> >    deer season arrives again.  If hunting and eating the 
victim is a good> >    means of population control, maybe we should reconsider 
cannibalism.> >    Humans are soon going to outgrow themselves.  There are 8 
billion of us> >   
 infecting the planet at this time and if even half of those breed, we> >    
will have another 4 billion within a year or two..> > > >    Spay and Neuter 
your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty> >    neighbors too!> > 
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