Good Story about Momma Tulip.  Someone once said they spayed their female,
who seemed so grateful to not have to have any more kittens!  Sounds like MT
was there!



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Hi, that is a nice story........In Jan.2005 I was standing outside my house
and something just flew by. I said to my neighbor was that a rat or a
kitten.? Well, it was a kitten and he ran right inside my house. He is
gray,with white feet,small,and his nam is M & M..........Also, a mother cat
who I named Momma Tulip was always having babies.When I moved in this house
I was told that by my neighbors. Well Momma Tulip wuold go thru plastic bags
to get food. I would tell her I'm gonna get you. Well. I did get her
inside,but she was ferral so I didn't know how to get her to the vet. The
day of her appointment Momma Tulip was sitting in the carrier. So, she was
spayed,and I was so happy to see her always with food,water,warmth,and
love.I kept my promise. Cathy Bronx N Y


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Hi Everyone,

Here's a kitten story you should all enjoy. My daughter who helps
me with rescue work and TNR, has a lot of stray cats at her house.
There is one feral in particular she has been trying to trap for 
years. This cat produces at least 2 litters a year, and she hides
the kittens and then brings them around when they are about 9 or 
10 weeks and as wild as their mother is.  This year she brought 
her 3 kittens earlier than usual (about 3 or 4 weeks old) and my 
daughter was able to gather them up and bring them inside to be
socialized. BUT how to catch the mom??  She has tried a trap to
no avail. This is one smart mom cat!  So she set up a large plastic
storage box on the front porch where she feeds all these strays,
and put the kittens inside. She had a large screen to put on top
if mom cat went inside, but she had to hide, as mom cat wouldn't
go in if she saw Karin. Well quick as a flash the mother grabbed
one of the kittens and ran!  Karin brought the other two back in
and the mother cat had the other kitten outside someplace for 2
days. Karin saw no sign of the third kitten, but when the weather 
got very cold and rainy she finally saw the mom and kitten on her
porch.  Karin opened the door to get the kitten, and the mother 
tried to grab him and run but the kitten saw Karin and ran to
her instead! 

I think this is an amazing story. Did that kitten remember being 
inside where it was warm, or had he bonded with my daughter before 
his cat mom stole him?  All 3 kittens are now safe, and warm inside 
and learning to eat well.

I hope you enjoyed this story and I wonder if any of you have had
similar stories to share.

Lorrie and 14 rescued cats and Karin with 18 rescued cats!!

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