It is great to hear a happy story.  Hope Mom comes around and lets herself get 
caught.  Maybe she will miss her kittens enough .

---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> Hi Everyone,
> Here's a kitten story you should all enjoy. My daughter who helps
> me with rescue work and TNR, has a lot of stray cats at her house.
> There is one feral in particular she has been trying to trap for 
> years. This cat produces at least 2 litters a year, and she hides
> the kittens and then brings them around when they are about 9 or 
> 10 weeks and as wild as their mother is.  This year she brought 
> her 3 kittens earlier than usual (about 3 or 4 weeks old) and my 
> daughter was able to gather them up and bring them inside to be
> socialized. BUT how to catch the mom??  She has tried a trap to
> no avail. This is one smart mom cat!  So she set up a large plastic
> storage box on the front porch where she feeds all these strays,
> and put the kittens inside. She had a large screen to put on top
> if mom cat went inside, but she had to hide, as mom cat wouldn't
> go in if she saw Karin. Well quick as a flash the mother grabbed
> one of the kittens and ran!  Karin brought the other two back in
> and the mother cat had the other kitten outside someplace for 2
> days. Karin saw no sign of the third kitten, but when the weather 
> got very cold and rainy she finally saw the mom and kitten on her
> porch.  Karin opened the door to get the kitten, and the mother 
> tried to grab him and run but the kitten saw Karin and ran to
> her instead! 
> I think this is an amazing story. Did that kitten remember being 
> inside where it was warm, or had he bonded with my daughter before 
> his cat mom stole him?  All 3 kittens are now safe, and warm inside 
> and learning to eat well.
> I hope you enjoyed this story and I wonder if any of you have had
> similar stories to share.
> Lorrie and 14 rescued cats and Karin with 18 rescued cats!!
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