The problem was I couldn't get into the chipin site to begin with. We
don't use microsoft windows.  We use a "techy" operating system called
LINUX/UNIX.  I'll see if my husband can figure out how to get in to 
this. It'll be later today. Now I have to go to my shelter/sanctuary
in town.   

On 10-25, dot winkler wrote:
>    Hi - i read your e-mail Lorrie about trying to get into the Chipin acct
>    and you are having trouble.  My son fixed the pictures which were too
>    big initially but now you can see the box as soon as you get into the
>    site - the chipin box, I mean.  Simply click on that link;
> and then you
>    can access the box.  Thank you so much.  Let me know if you still have
>    a problem.  Dot

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