Hi Kathryn:  Sorry you couldnt get in.  I use Google Chrome browser. My son 
said it shouldn't matter what browser you use.  (I'm sorry - I don't know a lot 
of technical stuff about computers.  LOL. ) 
My home address is, also, in case you want to send by mail:  
Mrs. Dotty Winkler
37 Harrison Dr
Freehold, NJ   07728
Thank you for your kindness and care in this matter.  Tiger is vetted and on 
his way to getting to a new home - my sis in law and neice.  He had an 
extensive workup at the vet and has FIV pos (had stomatitis).  We hope for the 
best for him with my sis in law.  She'll give him lots of TLC and with good 
food and shelter, he will thrive.  I have a lot to do with all the others at 
the colony.  Goldie still remains an issue.  Thanks, Dot

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The operating system shouldn't matter.   It's the browser.   What one are you 
using?   It works in Firefox (on a Mac, which is essentially *nix).


On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 2:39 AM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:

>The problem was I couldn't get into the chipin site to begin with. We
>don't use microsoft windows.  We use a "techy" operating system called
>LINUX/UNIX.  I'll see if my husband can figure out how to get in to
>this. It'll be later today. Now I have to go to my shelter/sanctuary
>in town.
>On 10-25, dot winkler wrote:
>>    Hi - i read your e-mail Lorrie about trying to get into the Chipin acct
>>    and you are having trouble.  My son fixed the pictures which were too
>>    big initially but now you can see the box as soon as you get into the
>>    site - the chipin box, I mean.  Simply click on that link;
>>    http://farmingdalcats.chipin.com/cat-rescue-and-recvery and then you
>>    can access the box.  Thank you so much.  Let me know if you still have
>>    a problem.  Dot
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Go Get a Life---Go Get a Shelter Animal!

If you can't adopt, then foster "bottle baby" shelter animal, to save their 
life.  Contact your local pound for information. 

If you can't bottle feed, foster an older animal, to save their life, and to 
free up cage space.

Ask your local animal pound to start saving over 90% of their intake by 
implementing the No Kill Equation: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/

Here's the current growing list of true No Kill communities: 
http://www.no-killnews.com/ (see the right sidebar)

Legislate better animal pound conditions: http://www.rescue50.org

More fun reading: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/shelter-reform/guides/

More fun watching: 
http://vimeo.com/nokill/videos especially http://vimeo.com/48445902

Local feral cat crisis?   See Alley Cat Allies' for how to 
respond: http://www.alleycat.org/page.aspx?pid=537

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