Here it is:

*Holistic Stomatitis Protocol*

Note that holistic approaches take longer than do allopathic ones.   These
the supplements we've been using, but it doesn't mean some aren't
optional.  What seemed to turn things around was one course of antibiotics
along with Coptis Purge Fire.  You may have to continue with Coptis Purge
Fire forever.   We've just gotten rid of the stomatitis symptoms and have
not tried stopping the supplements.   It's better than extractions, which
some say only work 50% of the time, and are expensive and invasive to boot.




Health Concerns  Coptis Purge Fire (2 tablets if 1 doesn't work)

CoQ10  30mg (Dr. Clark)

Vitamin A  25000 IU (Metagenics Mycelized Drops)

Vitamin E (dry, no soy)  200 IU (may be optional)

Lysine  500mg

Standard Process Whole Body Support  1/2 to 1 tablet

Standard Process Immune Support  1 tablet

Tumeric  450mg   1/2 capsule

*Can also try:*

Colostrum 100mg / Lactoferrin 10mg (separate from food)

*Palliative Homeopathy*

(as opposed to Classical)

Mercurius 30C


Antibiotics if really, really bad infections.  Can do it once to get things
to a level at which the cat can recover with supplements.  Use probiotics
separately (that is, at least an hour apart) for stomach flora.


Non-anesthetic sonic cleanings to keep gums clean.  Don't feed ground bones
if they are getting caught in any gum pockets; use calcium carbonate
supplments instead to balance the Ca:Phos ratio (about 1400 mg per pound of
ground meat).


Oxyfresh in the water.

*Pus in gums:* Myrhh. Make a dilution by adding 1 teaspoon of the tincture
(the alcoholic extract) to a cup of water. Gently apply this to the gums
once or twice a day. Either use a soft toothbrush or, if the gums are too
sensitive for this, flush the gums with this solution using a syringe.


Raw diet, per http://catnutrition.org   My recipe with local suppliers
available on request from khargrea...@gmail.com

Developed with the help of Dr. Audra MacCorkle
http://holisticanimaldoctor.com  and the forum folks on

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 12:19 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:

> I also have a cat with stomatitis, so I'd like to see your "recipe"
> too.
> Lorrie
> On 10-27, dot winkler wrote:
> >    Hi, Yes, I would love to know that holistic approach.
> >    The first vet there when I brought Tiger in, said he had "stomatitis",
> >    chronic condition.  When I called vet yesterday, other vet said "AIDS
> >    pos" and that they pulled a lot of teeth and are giving anti b.  When
> I
> >    asked specifically if he has the stomatitis to her, she said that he
> is
> >    fine now so we have to wait and see if it recurs.
> >    Please send me that recipe for it.  I will give it to my sis in law
> who
> >    will be  taking the cat now.  Thanks so much.
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