For the summer, you can get either the disposable large size pads or the
 adult mattress pads that are sold at medical supply shops for adults 
with bladder incontinence.  Hey, I'm the queen of waterproofing.  With 
all the cats I have had, there has always been a bed wetting problem 
with at least one or two of them.  Instead of screaming and tearing my 
hair out and dumping the cat out the door, I used some of my elderly 
mom's disposable mattress pads for a while.  She actually wasn't 
incontinent but she couldn't walk so needed a bed pan, so just in 
case...I would use the mattress pads.  Then I purchased several of the 
washable types when one of my very old cats began thinking the bed was 
her litter box.  You can also purchase a zippered waterproof mattress 
cover, then put a regular quilted mattress topper over it
 and just toss the topper into the washing machine if someone makes a 
mistake, sponge the waterproof cover with rubbing alcohol.  It's a good 
deodorizer after it evaporates.  But in the summer, if you don't want to
 feel you are being shrink wrapped, you can use the top removable types 
and either toss into the wash or toss into the garbage if they are 
disposable.  The washable are more economical. You can even make up the 
bed in the morning and then put a fitted waterproof mattress topper over
 the whole thing to keep everything good while you are gone.  If an 
accident happens, you just whisk the cover off and you are ready for 
sleeping in the bed.

For the nasty drip into the mattress I would
 recommend an enzyme type odor eliminator.  I used to use Petzyme, which
 you can purchase at PetsMart.  It doesn't have any added scent as a 
cover up.  Sometimes I think I prefer the odor of cat pee to those awful
 they dump into deodorizers.  When you use the enzyme type deodorizer, 
you have to make sure the spot stays wet for at least 24 hours.  If it 
dries out, by-by little beneficial bacteria and the enzyme doesn't work.
You can Google cat urine neutralizer or deodorizer and see what you come up 
with. There are many brands and many prices.

 Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
neighbors too!
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