To prevent the bedding and sofa covers from being snatched off the furniture by 
the cat you can purchase sticky-back Velcro.  Attach one side to the underside 
of the plastic sheeting or whatever you are using and place the matching strip 
on the sofa and press down to stick it to the sofa material.  It doesn't have 
to be perfect but it will prevent the plastic from drifting away off the sofa.  
You can also use things like metal clips purchased at an office supply store to 
clip the plastic to the sofa. Use enough of them.  You can also purchase screw 
pins that are used to pin sofa covers to old furniture.  Doesn't do any 
damage.  The small hole it makes closes up when the pin is removed.  

Have you thought about buying a fitted sofa and love seat cover?  You can have 
the back plasticized with a heat process.  You have to look this up in the 
phone book though, under plasticizing or phone an upholstery company and see if 
they can do that.  

As a last resort, put your sofa and love seat and TV in a separate room  that 
can be closed off and put plastic lawn furniture in you living room and turn 
the living room over to the misbehaving cat.

I'm going to buy some of that cat attract litter.  Can it be mixed with pine 
litter or clay litter? I can't afford anything very expensive.  I usually get 
donated litter here.  I have so many cats who think outside of the box that I 
no longer use a pooper scooper.  I use a small yard shovel.  Sigh.  The 
President of one of our rescue organizations is going to build an outside 
shelter attached to a shed on her property for 15 cats who will never learn 
litter box protocol.  They were rescued after their former owner passed away.  
They are older cats with set habits and some health issues, not adoptable.  It 
seems like the cat rescue movement is  filled with saints and angels, the best 
of the human species.
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