you can buy on line.  they usually have free shipping.  any donation goes to 
rubber sheeting.  my instanity is important!!

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that is a great idea on the Joann's rubber sheeting but I don't see
ow you can buy it by the bolt!  I checked on it and it is $15 for 1yd
 36" wide (3' x 3').  I have to drive over an hour for the nearest
tore but it I will probably go buy a couple of yards at least when my
ext SS check comes!
I have a mattress protector on my bed and it is Ohio wintertime right
ow so I am good to go on that but the sheeting will be great for the
ack seat of the car and the cargo area on the Blazer!!!
On 11/5/12, Lee Evans <> wrote:
 Hey, I never realized that.  This will be awesome for car seats if I ever
 get a car and go back to doing TNR!  It's also great for my new futon.  Most
 of my waterproof pads have been over washed and have cracks that can leak
 through.  Thanks for the information.

 Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
 neighbors too!

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>i use waterproof rubber sheeting purchased at joann's fabric store.
 Looks like white cotton and works like magic.  cover furniture with
 it.  then just throw in the washer when someone misbehaves.  I buy by
 the bolts.  jo'ann's has coupons 50-60% off so well worth it.  nothing
 ever seeps through.
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