When Percy tested positive for FeLv, I waited 90 days, (3 months) then had him 
retested when he was finally neutered.  He had had other health issues too - 
slight anemia, fur problems and he is also FIV+ but that's not an issue since I 
have a small FIV+ colony in a separate indoor area.  So now he is negative for 
FeLv, neutered and living with 4 other mates.

I also have a female, Bunny who tested FeLv+ and hasn't been retested yet.  She 
tested positive when she was spayed at a no-kill shelter and fortunately, they 
didn't kill her which they usually do when a cat tests positive for FeLv.  I am 
going to retest her soon since she was with me for over 3 months already, in a 
room of her own.  She was just about a year old when she was brought to me for 
fostering so I'm hoping she has overcome the FeLv.  She gained about 100 pounds 
since she has been here and looks like a bowling ball covered with tabby fur. I 
don't see any danger in spaying your kitty either before or after testing but 
if you want to do it at the same time, it will save you a drive to the clinic 
and a second visit for the cat.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>Hello everyone,
>We are looking at possibly spaying Kitty, our 5 months old FeLV rescued feral 
>baby. She is currently on the lysine and living large in her own room, 
>isolated from our other two cats, since she posted positive but we are 
>retesting her at 6months, which should be in December.
>Should we retest first and then spay?
>Is there anything we should know/do to prepare ?
>Any suggestions are welcome 
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