Someone actually surrendered a dog to the shelter where I used to work because 
they got new furniture, and the dog no longer matched.
As for myself - I've given up. The sofa is covered with plaid furniture 
protectors with a waterproof vinyl backing that I got from Bass Pro Shops. I 
also use inexpensive plastic-backed canvas dropcloths from Home Depot. 
Eventually the plastic gets shredded, but they're easy to wash and cheap to 
replace. My mattress is covered with a mattress protector and a blue tarp over 
that. Sheets are changed daily, since I sleep with two dogs and a multitude of 
Most of my friends have multiple cats and dogs, but those who don't and can't 
accept my pets are free not to visit. I saw a doormat somewhere that read:  
"For visitors who don't like my pets: They live here. You don't." I need to buy 

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