I was stung by a brown scorpion while in art school in Mexico.  What a headache!
Now I find that I have them here in Missouri.  When we built our house and 
finally got it closed up, found a 5" one while on the way to bed.  Missed 
stepping on him thank God.  Because we are on a south facing bluff we have 
them, rattle snakes and anything else that lives under a rock in a burrow.

---- Kathryn Green <katsk...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Sounds perfect to me!
> Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Furniture is around #50 down on my priority list of things I need.  I live
> in South Texas.  We have a 365 day flea season and now that I moved out to
> a rural area in order to be able to keep my rescued cats without having to
> deal with stupid Animal Control Officers who never even read their own
> ordinances, I also have scorpions, snakes and assorted weird looking
> crawlies.  I tend to stay away from anything upholstered in favor of
> washable pillows, washable patio cushions, large towels from Goodwill and
> snuggy cat beds and blankets. Anything that can't be hosed down or tossed
> into the washing machine has no place in a house that 38 cats call home. As
> long as I can park my rump on something that is clean, won't have any
> hidden, stinging surprises and is fairly comfortable, I don't care what it
> looks like.
> Fortunately, almost all of my friends are rescuers so everyone thinks I'm
> "normal".
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
> neighbors too!

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