On 12-27, Sharyl wrote:
>    Dave, I have to agree with you.  I have fostered many FeLV kittens who
>    were positive from birth.  Most died before they were 2 yrs old.  Only
>    one survived until 4 yo.  In my experience kittens born to a positive
>    mom test positive from the get go.

I have a litter of rescued kittens who are now 7 months old. 
Their mother was feral and FelV pos.  All 4 kittens tested pos.
at 3 months old. One died a week ago, but the others seem fine.
I had one neutered and re-tested and he was such a light pos.
on the Elisa the tech could barely consider it pos. I am hoping
he and the other two kittens will turn negative next time I test


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