The official diagnosis/condition from the pathologist is immune mediated
hemolytic anemia/IMHA. We don't know the cause yet. We're treating for
parasites (doxycycline)...and with prednisone to suppress the immune
response. We'll repeat the IFA in a month.

She is responding very well to treatment...the immune response to her own
blood has diminished, gained back 1/4 pound, her CBC increased 50% and her
new blood cell count was up 5x. We get another blood test tomorrow. She was
still barely below the recommended CBC for transfusion...but is doing well
despite everything.

She's active though she won't play. There are a couple of times she tried
to rough-house with her sister and gave up (it was actually funny to
watch...after a few minutes of chase, she gave up and laid on her
back...her sister came over and gave her a very gentle little nip on the which Tux let out a whine of indignation).

Our vet admitted some doubt about FeLV but is sticking with it for now. I
read online that for 60% of IMHA cases it is never determined what the
cause was. The cats did act like they had fleas about six months ago (and
we treated, though we never saw any fleas). Tux is also the garbage
collector...she eats everything on the it's also possible she at
something toxic.

Thanks again everyone. I will follow up with any new findings. Dave
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