Only IFA. I'll ask that she be retested with the Elisa too. Thanks for
pointing that out. I thought the IFA was the definitive test but may not be
positive right away when acute symptoms present.

Also a clarification, my Tux as a kitten story was 5 years ago. She's now
an adult. Even back then the vet was ready to destroy her if that snap test
came back positive. Of course the current vet wanted to put her down at the
first positive snap test with anemia. She may not even be infected with
FeLV...but even if she were infected we wouldn't consider that option until
her quality of life was so bad to warrant that (and treating her condition
to give her a fighting chance at some recovery).

Thanks. again. Dave

On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 7:01 AM, Beth <> wrote:

> Dave was she just retested on the IFA, or on the Snap test also? A
> positive Snap with a negative IFA is still a positive cat.
> If both tests were negative then she is negative.
>  Beth
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> *From:* Dave Arthurs <>
> *To:* "" <>
> *Sent:* Wednesday, February 6, 2013 9:34 PM
> *Subject:* Re: [Felvtalk] Re anemia and negative IFA (Dave)
> Update on Tux. Recap: She tested positive for felv on the snap test in
> December and negative on ifa. She is a felv vaccinated house cat that
> presented with immune mediated hemolytic anemia. She was treated with
> prednisolone and doxycycline. She responded well to treatment tho no cause
> was identified because the vet was convinced she was felv+.
> This week we retested her. Weight is up 1 lb. and red blood cell count is
> normal. Negative on ifa. The cause of her anemia is still unknown but the
> vet has let the felv diagnosis go now.
> Thank you everyone so much for all the advice. It's heartbreaking to read
> about the struggles we all go through on this forum for the love of our
> pets.
> When we got tux the vet tested her for felv. She said if she was positive
> that she had to be put down right away. She was very insistent. I knew in
> my heart that was wrong and wouldn't let her do it. Of course if she were
> suffering that would be different...but I could never destroy a healthy
> kitten. I am very happy to see an entire community on this forum that feels
> as I did (and reinforces what I thought was right at the time).
> Unfortunately most people will do what the vet says...and that is very sad.
> Very best wishes to everyone and your furry companions! I will stay
> subscribed to the forum because you raise a wide array of topics and I may
> be able to help someone. Thx. Dave
> On Dec 28, 2012, at 5:50 PM, Beth <> wrote:
> > Be careful about letting get too much exercise. If she is amemic she is
> not getting enough oxygen to her cells as it is
> >
> > David Arthurs <> wrote:
> >
> >> The official diagnosis/condition from the pathologist is immune mediated
> >> hemolytic anemia/IMHA. We don't know the cause yet. We're treating for
> >> parasites (doxycycline)...and with prednisone to suppress the immune
> >> response. We'll repeat the IFA in a month.
> >>
> >> She is responding very well to treatment...the immune response to her
> own
> >> blood has diminished, gained back 1/4 pound, her CBC increased 50% and
> her
> >> new blood cell count was up 5x. We get another blood test tomorrow. She
> was
> >> still barely below the recommended CBC for transfusion...but is doing
> well
> >> despite everything.
> >>
> >> She's active though she won't play. There are a couple of times she
> tried
> >> to rough-house with her sister and gave up (it was actually funny to
> >> watch...after a few minutes of chase, she gave up and laid on her
> >> back...her sister came over and gave her a very gentle little nip on the
> >> which Tux let out a whine of indignation).
> >>
> >> Our vet admitted some doubt about FeLV but is sticking with it for now.
> I
> >> read online that for 60% of IMHA cases it is never determined what the
> >> cause was. The cats did act like they had fleas about six months ago
> (and
> >> we treated, though we never saw any fleas). Tux is also the garbage
> >> collector...she eats everything on the it's also possible
> she at
> >> something toxic.
> >>
> >> Thanks again everyone. I will follow up with any new findings. Dave
> >>
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