A few things-first, thank you for taking in this little one.  Its too bad
that her adopter declawed her as it means she can't go outside!  On the
FELV-there are 2 standard tests.  There's one the vet does in the office-a
pin prick of blood on a test strip-its called the Elissa or snap test.  Then
there's one done by the vet drawing blood and sending to a lab-its called
the IFA.  If a cat tests pos on the Elissa it should be retested on the IFA
sometime later.  It is possible the cat can throw off the virus so you have
to give it time between the Elissa and IFA.


Many folks on this board will tell you about their cats who  have lived
long, healthy lives.  My own Tucson is 13 and doing ok.  I had another who I
brought in from the street after I'd been feeding him for a couple of years.
He died several years later from lymphoma and we guessed he was around 8.
The thing is that the FELV virus won't actually kill them but it makes them
so much more susceptible to infections-URI, UTI, etc.  I tend to bring
Tucson to the vet a bit quicker than I do my other ones if she has the
sniffles or stops eating, etc.  They are also more susceptible to gum
infections, lymphomas, blood disorders, etc.  so you have to keep an eye on


Best thing you can do is give her some decent food, watch for any sign of
problems.  As far as the litter box, tough to know.  Sometimes they don't
like a particular litter.  And the stool, you might want to take a stool
sample to vet for fecal.  I think the Tyleson Tartrate is an antibiotic but
am not familiar w. it.  I'm not sure about having it on hand to give to her
if she gets sick.  There are different antibiotics for different things.
Folks on the board might have more info.


How old is Pumpkin?  


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I'm hoping someone can help me....

We live in the country and have about 8 outside cats.   A friend decided to
take one home, Pumpkin, and had her all fixed up at the vet with shots, spay
and declaw.  She found out she has  feline leukemia.  She kept her for about
a month, but I guess she was making a mess as far as using the litter box.
I told her I didn't want her to go to an over crowded humane society, so I
took her back.  She is now in the house, as she is front declawed, and she
is not to be around the other cats with her cancer.
So... I've had her home since just before Christmas, and she's been fine
other than not eating a whole lot.  Her stool is quiet soft, and I did find
a few hard turds in two different sleeping places that she uses.  Well now
today,  she had a ver messy stool on the wood floor in the hallway!! Really
shocked me as she's been so good using the littler box.  

Is this a sign that she is getting sick, the not using the littler box?  She
has a prescription for Tylosin Tartrate, and she said to give this to
her(powder form), when/if she gets sick???

She does seems to sleep most of the day, but I know cats do do that :)  She
also does purr quite loud!!  Must be a good sign.  She will play with a
string too.  So she's been very happy, but now I had to resort to putting
her back in the basement with her food and litter.  I might end  up sleeping
down there with her again, as I did when she first came in the house.  She
has had the run of the house now for weeks, but I just don't trust her since
her accident.

I've read where infected cats can live quite long, but yet others do not.  I
certainly would not want to put her thru all sorts of treatments... 

Thank you for your time:)))

I appreciate any input for my Pumpkin!


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