Hi Lance and Ember,

            While I've never had a problem with metacam, I refuse it when 
possible. When Gribble was first diagnosed as FeLV positive, his fever was very 
high, an we neeed an anti-inflammatory. I chose Ketoprofen, and we had good 
results. It was used for 5 days.

            For pain, I'd suggest buprenorphine (Buprenex) or Tramadol, with my 
preference being the buprenorphine, as it is both easy to give, and to adjust 
dose-wise. It is often first prescribed at too high (in my opinion) a dose, but 
I have good luck with starting at a lower dose and working up to an amount that 
makes the cat comfortable but not loopy or groggy. Torb doesn't last very long.

            I would avoid steroids in an immune compromised critter, so for me 
and FeLV+ Gribble, Prenisolone is out. 

            Every cat is different, and I'm certainly no Vet, but I hope you 
can reach an understanding with your Vet(s) that can keep Ember comfortable and 

All the nest,


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>Hi all,
>I posted recently about my FeLV+ girl, Ember. Since she most likely has (at 
>least) a lung tumor, I'm going to get her on pain meds soon, despite the fact 
>that most of the differences in her behavior are minor. Our "second opinion" 
>vet prescribed metacam, and an oncologist who consulted with Ember's primary 
>vet also recommended metacam. 
>These are smart, experienced folks with lots of education. But, I'm seeing so 
>much outcry over metacam online that I'm very reluctant to give it to Ember. 
>I'd love to ease any discomfort she might be having, and metacam would be easy 
>to give. What are your thoughts on metacam?
>I'm also wondering if prednisone might be helpful in reducing any inflammation 
>that Ember is dealing with. I know people on the list have used it, but I'm 
>concerned about its ability to create low wbc. Ember already has that issue, 
>due to being FeLV+. Would folks who have pred experience in FeLV+ cats mind 
>posting your experiences?
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