Ketoprofen is what I take for arthritis and it really helps. I had no
idea a cat could take this.  It is in the Ibuprofen family I believe and 
I thought this as well as Tylenol (Acetaphenomen) would kill a cat.


On 05-19, Margo wrote:

>   While I've never had a problem with metacam, I refuse it when possible.
>   When Gribble was first diagnosed as FeLV positive, his fever was very
>   high, an we neeed an anti-inflammatory. I chose Ketoprofen, and we had
>   good results. It was used for 5 days. For pain, I'd suggest
>   buprenorphine (Buprenex) or Tramadol, with my preference being the
>   buprenorphine, as it is both easy to give, and to adjust dose-wise. It
>   is often first prescribed at too high (in my opinion) a dose, but I have
>   good luck with starting at a lower dose and working up to an amount that
>   makes the cat comfortable but not loopy or groggy. Torb doesn't last
>   very long.

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