I'm with Lorrie - keep Augmentin in your medicine cabinet for those occasions 
when you decide to put your hand between two snarling cats. I have done this 
stupid thing twice. Now I just hurl a pot of cold water into the fray and then 
mop the floor as the two go to their respective favorite spots to dry off. If I 
have to separate a couple of entwined rolling cats, I use a broom handle. I 
once just slammed a box over one cat. The other cat looked puzzled, then walked 
away. I held the boxed cat in place for about 5 minutes, then slowly lifted the 
box. He shook himself off and walked away too. If you interrupt their train of 
thought, their focus, the fight goes away if they are neutered/spayed cats. 

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>Hopefully you won't get a call, but it is always important to get a tetanus
>shot. And because I rescue I keep Augmentin (the antibiotic of choice for
>bites) at home.
>On 06-05, Lance wrote:
>> Since we're on this subject, when I was at the doc's last night, he did
>> ask me about the bite. I told him that it had come from an indoor family
>> cat, and explained that she doesn't have any issues. He may have reported
>> this, but I haven't gotten a call. Yet.
>> He wants me to get a tetanus shot. He said that the shot would be ~$85 at
>> the office, but $5 if given by the Health Department. I sprung for the $5
>> script, but I'm now wondering if they're going to question me. I'd be
>> willing to pay the money to not have to deal with them, if there's concern
>> that they'll interrogate me or take Callie away.
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