I understand what you're saying but be very very careful w. cat bites.  The
potential for a very tough infection in lymph nodes is if travels up to your
arm is very high (and easily treated).  But if you wait too long, it can be
very very serious.  But that's for cats-dogs don't have that bacteria in
their mouth.  And if you say it's a stray cat that bit you, they may want to
give your rabies treatment.  


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 Here's a suggestion to everyone who has cats or dogs. If your cat or dog
has a bad hair day and bites/scratches you and you have to go to a doctor or
emergency clinic because you are having a reaction to the saliva, afraid of
infection or things like that, DO NOT TELL THEM THAT YOUR ANIMAL did the
damage. If it's a bite, you can say that your parrot got off his perch and
bit you or that you hammered a rusty nail into your finger, anything but an
animal bite. Here where I live, a 4 year old kid was playing with his
Chihuahua and was probably too rough. The dog nipped him. The parents took
the kid to the doctor to have the wound cleaned. The doctor reported a dog
bite. That evening Animal Control showed up with a warrant to confiscate a
"vicious dog". The family pet was dragged away to Animal Control and the
family followed right behind. Animal Control said they would have to put the
dog to death because he was determined to be a vicious dog, having bitten a
child. The family was aghast. They called the Humane Society and the
newspaper in an attempt to save their Chihuahua who had been with them for 8
years. Finally, after several rescue groups and a pro-bono lawyer
intervened, the dog was returned to the family. The bite didn't amount to
anything. But the bureaucratic mess that followed from the doctor reporting
the bite lasted 3 weeks.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!



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