Hi Karen,


               How long ago was the suspected exposure, and how did it happen? In house testing is usually an Elisa.


               There's a chart on the FeLV.org site, but it is titled "Sick Cat Chart". My thought is that some of yours are not showing any symptoms?




               The chart suggests immediate re-testing, but I think I'd wait the 45 days, and test by IFA. If you are planning on seperating them by result, then I'd do an IFA now, and see what that shows.


               But I still don't know exactly what that means :(  I keep reading different things from different sources. To the point that I won't be testing my "exposed" cats unless they show symptoms. So far, we're one for one. In addition to my original positive Gribble, now Mako has tested positive as well. His only symptoms were ocular, a recurrent runny eye, and transient anisocoria. Right now, after treatment, he's symptom free. As is Gribble. (Knocking madly on wood).


Not much help, huh?








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I had my 5 cats tested for feline leukemia when believed to be exposed.  First test 4 tested positive and yesterday (90 days later) all 5 tested negative.  my vet said retest in 45 days and see what we get.  If two test with same diagnosis then that is the results.  Has anyone ever had this and/or what do you have to say about what is going on with my guys?  He used the quick in house test---for get the name---not the send out lab test that takes longer for results.  Thanks Karen
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