I've been wrestling with these thoughts a lot lately. I wrote to Marley Fund to 
see if they'd ever advocated for trials, but it sounds like it's outside of 
their mission. Maybe no one advocates for trials, but I was under the 
impression that something like that was done for HIV/AIDS. 

I wrote Virbac earlier today to find out where Virbagen Omega approval for the 
US market is. I'll bet I can tell you before I even hear back from them.

On Jun 12, 2013, at 2:53 PM, "Amanda K. Payne" <amandak.pa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Lance,
> I could totally get behind your Christmas Wish List.  I rescued my first 
> FeLV+ kitten ten years ago. In that decade, there seems to be little to no 
> progress made in FeLV prevention and/or treatment.  Instead, the information 
> I come across is more confusing than it was when I first heard of FeLV. I 
> understand that a lack of funding and red tape slow down scientific progress, 
> but come on!  There's a huge difference between slow down and standstill. 
> It may be too late for my Polli, but I look forward to the day that FeLV is 
> treatable instead of something that only supportive care is available for.
> -Amanda

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