Lorrie wrote;"True, IF the virus is latent and hiding in the bone marrow, but 
when a cat
is severely anemic the virus is active, and the cat will suffer a painful

          I must have missed something, sorry. What I saw Amanda say was;

"She was diagnosed with severe anemia back at the beginning of March. She 
rebounded but not completely.  Recently, her breathing has become a bit more 

          This indicated to me that the severe anemia had responded once, and 
that at this point, I didn't think that there had been a CBC done recently. 

Again, my apologies. I wanted to encourage and support Amanda, but since Polli 
has been confirmed as severely anemic (HCT 10-15, I believe) and no treatment 
is planned, then yes, euthanasia is probably best. I had thought that the 
anemia related to FeLV was less well understood. I'll keep researching.

I'm so sorry.




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