There's a good bit of info out there about it. People do actually eat it. I dd 
not mean to clog up the list with this post. Just wanted to send out a warning 
of my experience.
I did not use a flour sifter to apply it. I gently spread it on the floor & 
gently swept it into the cracks, creating no visible dust , but it still 
affected me enough I was afraid I was going to have to call 911. I am still 
having breathing problems this morning as I did not get it all out of the 
house. I imagine that will take a long time.
It burned my skin. Someone had mentioned that you could actually put it on your 
animals. If it burned my skin, I cannot imagine putting it on one of my 
animals. I do have very sensitive skin (I have to have fragrance free lotion) & 
I do get flu-like symptoms around cleaning products, so maybe my body is just 
extra sensitive. 
Just wanted to make sure people are cautious when using this & test a small 
area 1st to make sure it does not adversely affect you.
If it works great for you with no problems, that's wonderful. I would keep 
using it. I wish I could.


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I know someone that FEEDS it to her cats. That can't be good after hearing your 
experience. If it's a desiccant, then I would think it might cause internal 
damage. Anyone know anything about that?

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> On 07-01, Beth wrote:
> >    I don't want to start a barrage of OT emails with this post. Just a
> >    quick warnng to be careful
> >    I tried the food grade diatomaceous earth this weekend to try to stop
> >    the fleas. I have all hardwood floors - really old ones, with lots of
> >    crevices for the flea eggs to hide in.
> >    I wore a good sanding mask which blocks small particles. I opened the
> >    windows (as many as I could without danger of the cats getting out).
> >    I sprinkled it in the product on the floors using a sieve. I gently
> >    swept it into the cracks in the floor in my bedroom & hallway. If did
> >    not create any visible dust clouds, etc.
> >    I went outside, took the mask off & sat for a bit.
> >    When I went back inside I could not breath. My mouth immediately became
> >    parched & my throat started closing.
> >    I grabbed some water & went back outside.
> >    I spent the rest of the day with the mask back on washing the floors
> >    trying to get rid of the stuff.
> >    Please be careful. I am a very active, relatively young  person. I
> >    don't have breathing issues.  This was quite scary.
> >    In addition to the breathing issues, some of it got on my skin & it
> >    just burned.
> >    Again, yes, this was the food grade kind.
> >    I know people on this list use it & have no problems. That's great. But
> >    if you have not tried it, please be careful if you do. Try it in a very
> >    small area, first.
> >    I guess I will go back to vacuuming & flea combing.
> >    I may use the rest in the yard since most of the problem seems to be my
> >    dog bringing them in from outside.
> >    Beth
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