I really have not had any problem with fleas or ticks so far, just buffalo 
gnats and now that the weather is warmer, they seem to be gone.  Possible 
problem:  I have 3 that do not go out at all, don't even ask.  Also, we have an 
open floor plan meaning no doors except bathrooms and the cats can open them.  
Mostly I am worried about the cracks under the baseboards.  Guess I could put 
the inside guys in carriers while I was doing this, but how long?  Could I 
maybe use a wet Swiffer mop to get any off the floor and leave what fell 
between cracks?  Most of the house is quarry tile and bedrooms are wood 
---- Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> It does have a drying effect on human skin so be sure to wash your hands, 
> arms, whatever it contacts. That's how this stuff works. It dries out the 
> fleas. Their underside is soft and it simply dehydrates them like prunes. 
> Don't use a flour sifter. What I did was take a tablespoon and place it on my 
> shed floor (where the fleas were really rocking and rolling and the cats were 
> itching and scritching) and with a regular broom swept it slowly and gently 
> from side to side and into the baseboard around the floor. I have lino but 
> it's also old and slight separations between the each glued down part. So 
> then I kept the cats out for 24 hours (do in good weather if you have an 
> outside enclosure attached to a cat room) and next day, no polka dots on my 
> pants, no flea bites. Yes, you can spread it outside but again, don't poof it 
> into the air if you are sensitive and don't do on windy day.  Flea Busters is 
> also good but it's boric acid or borax, not good for cats
>  to lick from their fur. With diatomaceous earth, you don't have to wait 
> several days. Fleas are gone over night. However, make sure you don't inhale 
> or you will get all dried out.

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>I was really thinking of using it in the yard and on the deck and seeing how 
>that worked.  So far last year and this year we have had NO FLEA OR TICK 
>PROBLEMS.  The cats only go out on the deck, except Harley.  He goes into the 
>woods, but has only had 2 ticks and no sign of fleas.  KNOCK ON WOOD.
>nOW IF THERE WAS A SOLUTION FOR BUFFALO GNATS.  They raise huge welts on me 
>and so I spend most of my time indoors until they are gone.  They usually 
>disappear when it starts getting hot.

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