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Always check their gums fro anemia.

I could not agree with the vet who says to only go in emergencies. FeLV cats 
nee to be looked at if they are not feeling well to catch things early.
Good luck!


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 From: Maryam Ulomi <>
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Tests advice

> Hi everyone,
> I hope everyone is well.
> Kitty, FeLV +, who is now one year old has had a good year. She is on lysine, 
> a fungi mush powder, tabby tabs multivitamin and is fed canned food for one 
> meal, dr  Pierson homemade poultry recipe for another meal and raw rabbit for 
> another meal. 
> She is growing and is now a little over 10lbs.
> Since Sunday afternoon she has been a bit off, not as eager to eat her food 
> (usually she is very food oriented) or laying under the bed and not coming 
> out unless its calm and quiet. I feel it's because this weekend and yesterday 
> were a bit stressful, vacuuming and some loud voices. 
> This morning she was more like herself but I'm still taking her to the vet 
> tomorrow afternoon. I also work with a holistic vet but she is on vacation 
> this week. I know taking her to the vet will stress her and the holistic vet 
> recommended only going in emergencies but I'm concerned and the last time she 
> went to a regular vet was in March.
> Do you have any recommendations in general and an specific tests to have done 
> while at the vet?
> Thanks,
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