I can sure empathize with your friend, my bf and I care for over 20
colonies.  The rescue bills over the years have taken any credit we can
find, we have no money for a home (health/dental etc) for ourselves, and
our daily lives completely hinge on the weather and our colonies, not to
mention work, TNR and the tons of rescue that goes with all of this.  We
just this week had a litter of kittens dumped at one of our spots (an
obvious dumping as opposed to "wandered up" kittens--all the cats are
fixed) with one kitten needing a blood transfusion, and already had several
kittens in rescue.

So I can absolutely relate...I'm not familliar with any Texas groups other
than ShadowCats, but hope perhaps there is a group that gets damaged goods
from grocery stores that could help with food?  We used to get that though
haven't in about a year, it was through a rescue group so I can't offer any
pointers on how to find that but it's certainly worth inquiring with any
group she can find.

If they have good low-cost TNR clinics there, she should check with them
and any shelters that support TNR and might have a food bank.  Our Humane
Society has a food bank for needy people with pets and will allow
caretakers in need to draw upon this a bit, if they have sufficient stock.

If I think of any ideas I will post, please let your friend know there are
others out there in similar dire straits--not much consolation, I know!

Thank you for trying to help her, I hope support is found.


On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 1:36 AM, Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> This is probably not allowed on this list but I can't just stand by and
> see my friend Karen suffer. She has been feeding about 16 outdoor colonies.
> She watches over the health and welfare of these cats as if they were her
> own house cats. Recently, she has had a really bad run of luck. She rescued
> a cat who needed over $1,000 dollars in eye surgery. i have him now and the
> surgery saved his one remaining eye. Otherwise, he would have been a
> totally blind cat. She also rescued a cat who was bone thin and  combo
> tested positive for both FIV and FeLv cat. She spent several hundred
> dollars curing him of mange and anemia. I fostered the cat and he turned
> negative for FeLv. He's now in my FIV room with 4 other FIV+ cats. Karen
> has rescued and found homes for over a hundred hard case cats, including 3
> FeLv+ cats who did not turn. One of them is still alive and enjoying life
> as a healthy pampered puss with a lovely lady. The cat is over  6 years old
> now. Karen works an 8 hour a day job. The trouble is that she spends all
> her pay on feeding the colony cats and her three remaining indoor cats. She
> has spent over $1,000 for a cat she rescued and took into her own house and
> who after a year, developed a malignant tumor in her ear canal. The cat
> lived with it for several months, on medication and vitamins until she
> passed away suddenly one afternoon. And now, another disaster has hit my
> friend. He car died. She has been relying on friends and neighbors to get
> her to work but she is struggling with the cat colony feeding and is
> running out of money to feed them and even to buy her own food. She needs
> help and there is very little available in San Antonio where we both live.
> I am almost at the poverty level myself, with an online job that pays
> sporadically and two other jobs which are exhausting because they involve a
> lot of driving and delivering so I can't help Karen financially. I have
> over 3 dozen cats of my own to deal with. Karen spends more than $70 a week
> every week. At that rate she will never be able to replace her car, even
> with a junker.  Is there any help out there for Karen before she goes
> under? I was thinking that if people could donate pet food gift cards to
> her that would help alleviate some of the expense of feeding the colonies.
> One person has already done this by calling Petsmart and purchasing a gift
> card over the phone with his credit card. He then notified Karen that he
> had done this and the next time she went to the store, they told her she
> had a gift card credit. I think that all pet food stores have this system
> now. Anyway, if you are able to help, even a few dollars would be a
> blessing. I'm sorry to bother the list with this problem as we are all
> struggling with vet bills for our special needs cats but I am watching my
> friend get more and more depressed and desperate every day and I can't just
> stand by and do nothing. Lots of cats are depending on her for their very
> lives. Thanks for reading this long post. Contact me off list if you can
> help.
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
> neighbors too!
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