Google for the Program flea medicine for cats, it also controls ringworm.  My 
rescue friend says it worked great on a bunch of ringwormy kittens rescued from 
the kill shelter. 


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You can also use a cream for athletes foot. As your vet what the safe amount 
would be on cat skin.
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As long as it works, that is what is important.  I know this is a bit late, but 
been busy taking care of Lil Bit, giving fluids, meds and syringe feeding.  All 
to no avail, she passed last Friday.
When I was a child, I got ringworm and my doctor (an old vet who went to Vienna 
and trained for people meds) used gentian violet on my head.  It was purple, 
but got rid of the ringworm.  Ever since then, the
hair on that part of my head is curlier and thicker.

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> When we took in a cat with ringworm, the first vet prescribed an expensive 
> oral medication (something like Griseofluvin). We sought the advice of a 
> different vet who gave the cat a shot of antibiotics and recommended we use 
> lime sulfur dips. It took a while, but it did clear up. The dips are messy 
> and stinky, but effective.
> Good luck.
> Cindy

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