BETH - Now that I am 73 and have gone thru 4 different chemos, my hair is 
thinning.  Guess I will have to find some gentian Violet and paint my head 
purple.  I will fit in with all the younger crowd who like all colors of hair.

---- Susan Saunders <> wrote: 
> Original Program (flea medicine) works. Only has to be given once - twice at 
> the most.  

Susan Saunders
Bengal Rescue
Louisville, KY

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Wow. Maybe you have accidentally discovered a cure for thinning hair :)

Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter!

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As long as it works, that is what is important.  I know this is a bit late, but 
been busy taking care of Lil Bit, giving fluids, meds and syringe feeding.  All 
to no avail, she passed last Friday.
>When I was a child, I got ringworm and my doctor (an old vet who went to 
>Vienna and trained for people meds) used gentian violet on my head.  It was 
>purple, but got rid of the ringworm.  Ever since then, the hair on that part 
>of my head is curlier and thicker.
>---- Cindy McHugh <> wrote:
>> When we took in a cat with ringworm, the first vet prescribed an expensive 
>> oral medication (something like Griseofluvin). We sought the advice of a 
>> different vet who gave the cat a shot of antibiotics and recommended we use 
>> lime sulfur dips. It took a while, but it did clear up. The dips are messy 
>> and stinky, but effective.
>> Good luck.
>> Cindy
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