I can't be so hard on Vets anymore. Getting thru Vet school can't educate where 
the whole disease process is so little understood. I have researched FeLV up 
down and sideways, and NOTHING is certain. Two years ago I had a house full of 
negative cats. All my FL cats (we moved to SC) had been tested at LEAST twice. 
No new cat (2) was added without a doubly negative (60 days apart) FeLV test. 
One of the new ones was my first symptomatic +. I now have 2 positives, and 
probably two others, as well. I'm now (to my great distress) vaccinating 
against it. 

Can't figure out what else to do.


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>I agree with Lee completely. It angers me that someone can get through 
>Vet school and still not be knowledgable about this disease. I rescued a 
>male cat, two years old, and only then learned he was FelV+ after he was 
>neutered. He has thrown off the virus twice. He is over 6 now. mingels 
>with my other rescues and no one has gotten sick. Killing kittens 
>becasue they carry the virus (or some test says they ahve it) is 
>On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Lee Evans wrote:
>> I have had a lot of success with adult cats who threw off the virus in 
>> about 2 months and tested negative from then on. For kittens, they may 
>> or may not have been actually positive. Since their immune system is 
>> not fully developed, they might not throw off the virus as soon as 
>> adults. Too bad about the idiot vet who gave the adopters such 
>> ridiculously incorrect advice. Keep the kittens for another 4 weeks, 
>> then re-test. You really should find them a home with a person who 
>> understands that a positive test does not mean the kitten should be 
>> killed. If they are still looking and feeling well, let them live. A 
>> home with no other cats or with cat-friendly dog is the best for this 
>> type of kitten.
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>>> Subject: [Felvtalk] Question about FeLV/FIV testing
>>> What's the earliest that testing using a SNAP test for FeLV/FIV can 
>>> be done so that it is accurate?  I know that if it is done early on, 
>>> it can be inaccurate.
>>> The reason I asked is that we adopted out a 10 week old kitten July 
>>> 16.  We did not test.  I don't like testing before 16 weeks.  We 
>>> pulled the kitten and her sister from another state.  Mom was in a 
>>> high kill shelter.  She was PTS before we could rescue her.  The rest 
>>> of the litter was PTS.  Miles and Journey were the only ones left.
>>> Today, the kitten (Miles) tested positive for leukemia and was PTS 
>>> (the ill informed vet used scare tactics on the owner and made the 
>>> owner think that her dogs could get it).  I was called after the 
>>> fact.
>>> What is proper testing protocol?  Vaccination protcol?  I use a 4 way 
>>> with feline leukemia, killed virus.
>>> --Beth
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