Well said, Kat.


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It kills a part of me every time I have to make that decision.  Just today
an elderly dog I cared for a great deal had to be helped across the Rainbow
Bridge because he had lost all control of his hindquarters and could no
longer pee or poop.  Rowdy was only with our rescue a year or so after his
humans could no longer deal with him but during that year he was a very
happy and loved old goof ball and I really think the attention he finally
received and the joy he had in his last year of life were a present we were
able to give to him.  In return he loved the heck out of us and life.  


So, while it hurts, remember the love you gave and the love you received and
be content in the belief you didn't allow it to drag on to where she would
have gone over the bridge with unhappy experiences being her last.  You did
the loving thing.  Thank you.



On Friday, October 11, 2013, Lorrie wrote:

Dear Jennifer,

You did the right thing..... I have had many FelV cats, and other
than giving fluids to make them more comfortable or taking care of
something like an infection that a vet can treat, I will NOT put a
cat of mine thru any heroic measures. I have tried assist feeding,
and I've watched them gag and try to get away from me. This is pure
torture for them as well as for me, the torturer. I know a lot of you
will disagree with me, but when a FelV cat becomes desperately ill I
put them down.  I give my FelV cats as good a life as I can while
they are alive and well, but when they are dying I let them go.
Thank you for making the brave decision you made.  You will miss
Sasha terribly, but you did the kindest thing you could for her.

Hugs for you from Lorrie

On 10-10, Jennifer Ballew wrote:
>    Put Sasha down today.  I think it was time.  :-(

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