Thank you for writing. I wish everyone would give a kind gentle death 
to their pets with an incurable disease. It is the quality of life
that matters, not seeing how long you can keep a pet alive.  I wish
people could also have a gentle death when they are dying, but only
three states allow this.


On 10-11, Jennifer Ballew wrote:
>    Lorrie-
>    Thank you for the kind words.  I debated back and forth, and after a
>    loooonnggggg discussion with the vet I decided putting her down was the
>    best thing for her.  I did what you did: gave her the best life I
>    could, but let her go when it was time.
>    Thanks again,
>    Jennifer
>    On Oct 11, 2013 5:41 AM, "Lorrie" <[1]> wrote:
>      Dear Jennifer,
>      You did the right thing..... I have had many FelV cats, and other
>      than giving fluids to make them more comfortable or taking care of
>      something like an infection that a vet can treat, I will NOT put a
>      cat of mine thru any heroic measures. I have tried assist feeding,
>      and I've watched them gag and try to get away from me. This is pure
>      torture for them as well as for me, the torturer. I know a lot of
>      you
>      will disagree with me, but when a FelV cat becomes desperately ill I
>      put them down.  I give my FelV cats as good a life as I can while
>      they are alive and well, but when they are dying I let them go.
>      Thank you for making the brave decision you made.  You will miss
>      Sasha terribly, but you did the kindest thing you could for her.
>      Hugs for you from Lorrie

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