You don't have to put the full dose on the kitty to get some results. I also use program on some of my cats that I cannot put a topical on. Foster and Smith carries Program and you can order it online. I go to their outlet store in Rhinelander, WI and get it for a reduced price when some packages are damaged. I wouldn't do advantage multi...very strong. But I have used Revolution and Frontline in the past with good results. I also vacuum with regular table salt and/or baking soda on the carpets...kills the luittle buggers cause their eggs dry up. Just apply a little salt/baking soda, wait 30 minutes and vacuum. Carolyn

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Tracey Shrout wrote:

I use program suspension, and have used it for many years with excellent results. They do not make it here in the US anymore, it comes from the UK, and I get it from amazon. It is one of the least toxic flea treatments available, and that's why I use it. It's a creamy substance that you mix in their food. I have 6 cats, and they eat it problems. I've heard they shut down the plant here in the US because of cleanliness.
I would never put a topical on a felv+ cat.  Be sure to change bedding
daily or at least every other day and vacuum like crazy. You could also look into the food grade diatomaceous takes some time and effort
to work though.  Good luck...Tracey

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Michelle B <> wrote:

I am having a crazy hard time keeping fleas off of my FeLV foster. I do flea comb at least once a day and keep everything very clean but they won't go away. I hate the thought of putting a topical on her because her nodes are huge and her immune sytem is already compromised but I know these fleas are no good either. I have no idea how they can still be on her because I
have been so aggressive.

Has anyone researched topicals for + cats? Like are there any that are 'safer' than others? I was thinking of trying Revolution on her....that way it it will keep away fleas, ticks, earmites, etc. Thoughts? She is 7 months
old and healthy considering.

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