Your post came through fine. Can you consult with another vet? I was reluctant 
to give any medicine (or supplement) to my Ember without getting a 
professional’s advice and approval. That said, I’m sure others here can discuss 
what they’ve used in similar situations. 

I hope Moe is less sneezy tomorrow.


On Sep 21, 2014, at 6:20 PM, wrote:

> I'm not sure if I am doing this posting properly or not, but here goes.
> Moe is my felv+ heart kitty.  A few days ago I noticed he was sneezing, and 
> of course my vet is on vacation.  Started him on Amoxi-tabs (1 tablet, twice 
> daily).  It has been 3 days and I think he is sneezing more and one eye has 
> some discharge.
> I do have some other antibiotics in the house (clavamox, doxy) and wondered 
> if one of them would be a better choice.
> The vet is not due back for another 10 days........
> Any suggestions would be most welcome.
> leslie & Moe and the furballs
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