Hi everyone! I am new here so if I do something wrong, let me know. This kind 
of group is set up different than what I am used to.
My male friend moved back to Wisconsin, from Tucson, AZ back in 2012. He 
brought with him ‘9’ of his cats. ALL had FeLV. Shortly after he moved here, 5 
of his cats died.(stress and fleas) A friend of his had to have brought them 
over with him when he was visiting.
We were friends back in the mid 70’s, and we ended up dating and now we have 
been living together for about a 
1 1/2 yrs. I had a FeLV free cat and 2 dogs. It was a HARD decision but all I 
could do is vaccinate my cat for FeLV and pray he does not get it.(it is about 
75% effective?)
Anyway, what I was going to say, that cats having FeLV is not a death sentence, 
so do not count on them to be dying early. One cat of my boyfriend’s,(Clyde) 
was 13 yrs. old before he died. 
Right now we have Oliver(4 years 4 mos.), Diamond(9 yrs. 10 months),Dora 
Jean(10 yrs. 4 mos.),Sheila(4 yrs.) and Wilma(3 yrs. 6 mos.). I also have 2 
dogs, Ryder(8 yrs. 6 mos.) and last but not least, Ozzie(12 yrs. 8 mos.). 
ALL cats are healthy and always have been, so far. Diamond does have a tumor in 
his throat(ear) area that just doing surgery would most likely kill him from 
stress.(it is not FeLV related) So as long as he eats and has no pain and no 
other issues, we will keep him alive. He is a very happy cat.  
My oldest dog,Ozzie, might have blastomycosis.(2nd dog of mine that has had it) 
The vet should be letting me know today/tomorrow. Since he is so old, I will 
not treat him and just put him to sleep.(UGH!) He also has an enlarged heart. 
So I may have to make that tough decision that we ALL hate.
Sorry this is so long, just wanted to do an intro.
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