I agree. Once your other cats are fully vaccinated, there is no reason to 
separate. I have mixed my healthy (even FIV+) cats with my FeLV cats for years 
with no problems. You might want to search the archives on "mixing" for more 
info on this, but many of us mix our positives & negative, fully vaccinate 
cats. By fully vaccinated I mean initial vaccine, booster, & wait at least 2 
weeks before mixing.


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If your other cats are vaccinated for FELV, why not let him in with them?  
Annie is now 8 and doing fine.  Her only problem is she was an "only cat" in 
her previous home and does not like to share with other cats.   (Nitnoy died 
after  1-1/2 years but she had been feral and lost her tail to a raccoon which 
really left her stressed out)   But Annie only meows at them and swats them so 
no problem there.  She and the others all think they have to sit on my lap 
every time I sit down and even though I have an ample lap, it is not big enough 
for 6 cats.  That creates a problem.

---- Betheny Laubenthal <bailleyspetc...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi.  My name is Beth.  I run a feral cat rescue.  That's how I ended up
> with Mozart, a 10 month old kitten.  April 18, I took him to a spay clinic
> to get neutered, his rabies vaccination and for a Felv/FIV test.  He tested
> positive for Felv.  It was recommended that he immediately be euthanized.
>  I refused.
> I contacted my vet.  She agreed with my decision to allow him to live out
> his life.  She retested him May 17.  Again, he tested positive.  This
> surprised me because he is a healthy cat.  No symptoms at all.  None of his
> brothers tested positive.  His mom took off with his two sisters when he
> was 5 weeks old.  Mom was feral.  Have not found her or the missing kittens.
> My vet is awesome (which is great because my rescue takes in cats with
> medical issues and behavioral issues as well as ferals that cannot stay
> where they are).  That's a lot for me to say since I have a general
> distrust of vets for various reasons.  Anyways, she is looking for another
> felv cat for me to introduce to Mozart as a playmate.  Mozart is locked in
> my bedroom.  Other cats in my home were tested.  They were negative.  We
> are vaccinating with a 4 way vaccine with leukemia.  I am in the process of
> ordering more vaccination-with and without leukemia.
> I have him on a raw diet. Been raw feeding for over 3 years-not the least
> bit concerned about bacteria.  I feel as if it is safe and beneficial to
> feed Mozart this diet.
> I am looking into this treatment for him:
> http://tcyte.com/cat-owner-information/
> Anyone have any luck with it?  Anyone hear of it?  Does anyone have any
> advice they can give to me?  Also, what about vaccines?  I am concerned
> about the increase chance of vaccine related sarcomas.
> Thank you!
> --Beth Laubenthal

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