It depends on your State.  Many States require the rabies vax every 3 years.  
Some feel older cats do not need the FVRCP vax - that previous vaccines should 
still be in effect.  The FVRCP is recommended by the cat vaccine guidelines 
every 3 yrs.

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I have a question re vaccinations>   I have 2 15 year olds, one never goes out, 
she is terrified of outside and the other goes down on the ground to potty and 
then back to the deck for a snooze in the sun.  Another 8 year old goes out 
very little and another tht stays on the deck.  Do they need vaccinations?  
FELV they need as I have 1 positive cat, but do they need the others as their 
chances of contracting anything from strays, etc are very slim>

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