I was going to say urinary tract infection.  Harley and Homey have both had 
that and peed just in front of the box.  Went to the vet and got meds.  Neither 
one was too happy about taking the medicine, but I found that if I sit in the 
recliner, wedge them between myself and the arm of the chair, then my left hand 
is free to pry open their mouth and with the right hand administer the meds.  
It takes a bit of practice, but gets the job done

---- Amani Oakley <aoak...@oakleylegal.com> wrote: 
> Jen
> Can I plead with you on Figaro’s behalf? I know how unbelievably disruptive 
> and disturbing it is to be peed on! I have had the pleasure. But very often 
> it signals something else is wrong. In my last cat who did this – who 
> squatted right on the bed while looking straight at me and peed, I oddly got 
> the sense that HE didn’t know why he had done it. I also noticed that he 
> seemed particularly disturbed in the litter box, and there were some other 
> oddities which I had noticed. It turned out that he had a lesion (could be a 
> small break) in his lower spinal cord (maybe his tail had been pulled or 
> caught in a door, etc), and these were neurological complications which were 
> resulting in this odd behaviour. The nerves which enervate the bladder and 
> bowel are found in the lower part of the spinal cord. Thus damage to that 
> area (a fall, hit by a car, tail caught in a door and the cat running hard in 
> the opposite direction) can all cause damage to these nerves.
> There are sometimes other explanations such as urinary tract infections, or 
> just not feeling right.
> I would think you think again about having him fixed. I agree with others who 
> have posted, that it should be okay to fix him if he is not experiencing any 
> FeLV symptoms yet. However, just to be on the safe side, you might consider 
> putting him on Doxycycline/Winstrol/Prednisone for a few weeks before the 
> surgery. There is a published study showing that people who were put on 
> Stanazolol (Winstrol) prior to abdominal surgery, had a better and faster 
> recovery than the control group who did not take Stanazolol.
> I think that the mortality rate may be due to the fact that surgery weakens 
> the body and if the cat is already battling an immune challenge, surgery may 
> be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. However, I would also think that 
> it would be female cats who would be more at risk. Neutering is not nearly as 
> invasive as spaying.
> Please don’t give up on him. He will have a very dim future, given his FeLV 
> status and peeing issues.
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> Jennifer Olson
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Losing patience
> Figaro is adorable, but I'm so frustrated with the whole situation-
> I'm begining to consider other livining arrangements... aka placement...
> On Mar 2, 2017 3:19 AM, "ROBERT CHAPEL" 
> <bcha...@optonline.net<mailto:bcha...@optonline.net>> wrote:
> Thanks Amani... this is very helpful and I will do my best to locate these 
> references... preferably the full articles if they don't charge too much for 
> them ( I no longer work in hospitals and don't have access to full medical 
> databases ( for free)...
> VERY interesting about the ebola virus and the eyes.... it does indeed appear 
> that the virus established a foothold in Yogi's eyes....   BUT... it was also 
> via the eyes that I was able to introduce antiviral meds that my Veterinary 
> opthalmologist was using off label.....  Of course the target for these meds 
> was the Herpes Virus....but it too ,is,  a retro Virus and these meds "might" 
> have had some effect on the FeLV virus as well
> had I used them for a longer time ( though I would have had to have sold my 
> house to do so : )
> You can find ALL sorts of aid for these Anti Virals if you are using them for 
> HIV or Herpes 1 or 2 but they are hard to locate at discount for Veterinary 
> Use.....  I really am VERY concerned at the price of Vet services as I feel 
> they will ultimately reduce the number of pet owners.....  I was able to 
> easily afford to keep 4 cats on a rather low Social Worker income back in the 
> 80's but keeping one ill FeLV in 2017 can easily add 400.00 a month to ones 
> expenses....  Many people who might formerly have adopted multiple cats will 
> now only take in one or  two.....  All the more reason for forums like ours 
> as it is up to us to share our knowledge and experiences to help each other 
> avoid total reliance on a veterinary system that is not always working to 
> preserve our FeLV cats lives.....
> Hi Bob
> I am unable to attach the literature regarding the ability of Doxycycline to 
> interfere with RNA replication and/or interfere with viral infection, but 
> here are a few titles to look up on the Internet:
> - Antiviral activity of doxycycline against vesicular stomatitis virus in 
> vitro - FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2015
> - Control of small inhibitory RNA levels and RNA interference by doxycycline 
> induced activation of a minimal RNA polymerase III promoter - 2006 Nucleic 
> Acids Res. 34
> - Inhibitory effect of doxycycline against dengue virus replication in vitro 
> - October 2013 Archives of Virology 159(4)
> - Study of the antiviral activity of some derivatives of tetracycline and 
> non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs towards dengue virus - August 2013 
> Tropical Biomedicine 30(4):1-10   (BY THE WAY - DOXYCYCLINE IS A TETRACYCLINE)
> - A study of the clinical activity of a gel combining monocaprin and 
> doxycycline: a novel treatment for herpes labialis. (2012) J Oral Path Med 
> 41:61-67
> The following paper was interesting in that it explored the role of 
> Doxycycline in inhibiting tumour cell proliferation, angiogenesis, metastasis 
> and migration of cancerous cells (including leukemic cells) from the bone 
> marrow:
> - Doxycycline inhibits leukemic cell migration via inhibition of matrix 
> metalloproteinases and phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase - published 
> Molecular Medicine Reports, September 2015 Vol. 12, Issue 3.
> Amani
> P.S. - By the way, Bob. The other thing that was featured in that show last 
> night about the fight against Ebola, is that the same doctor who contracted 
> it and was declared symptom-free, later began to develop eye problems and 
> when they examined his eye, they found millions of the Ebola viruses in the 
> eye. The programme explained that the eye was an area of reduced immunity in 
> the body, and thus, the virus had found a breeding ground where it remained, 
> though it had been cleared from the rest of the body. They therefore began 
> treating the doctor's eye, and the treatment was ultimately successful. It 
> brought to mind the problems Yogi had had with his eyes, and I wondered if 
> the answer was similar - that the virus had had a toe-hold there.
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> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Knowing the " whys" of Win/Pred/Doxy
> Amani...
> If we consider the extended time frame for Doxy and multiple courses of other 
> ABX it makes a certain "intuitive" sense that a non bacterial infection is 
> going to require a longer period of time to have whatever non-specific ( 
> read... not related to bacterial infection necessarily)...? So little 
> research money appears to be devoted to FeLV that I don't know that we'll 
> know in the next decade unless the continuing demands of consumers ( who do 
> NOT want to hear , in this day and age of " Miracles") that there is _ no 
> hope_ for their much loved
> pets) alter this course.??? I STILL bristle when I think of the closed minds 
> in the medical and Veterinary community and SO resent that businessmen( 
> Yes...that is what the vast majority are turning into now that practices are 
> being forced to consolidate into " Health Systems").. hold the power of life 
> and death over us AND our pets.?? On the plus side.... with the business 
> model being what it is ( and in contrast to the lost art of " 
> professionalism")? The CONSUMER is always right.? Vets will be forced, in the 
> future, to work more closely with the " customers" wishes as attachment to a 
> given vet will become less common as time goes on and people will " practice 
> shop " for the answers they want until such time as Vet services become so 
> expensive that insurance becomes a " must have " and ultimately go the way of 
> medicine ( ie...being confined to a slate of approved practitioners... 
> again....limiting choice)...? But... there are some years to go before that 
> happens and I feel that there IS a window of opportunity happening NOW and 
> for the next few? years for people to have some real influence on how Vets 
> practice....?? I am betting, for example, that had I had the money to go to a 
> more " well to do " neighborhood where people are more demanding and better 
> informed I could have found a vet to cooperate... Here in the "sticks" people 
> just blindly accept what the vet has to say and they still enjoy the freedom 
> of calling all the shots.....?? This WILL end over the next couple of years.? 
> I learned a lot with this first experience and made mistakes that I WILL NOT 
> make again.
> BTW....? Do you have any literature in support of the AntiRNA effects of 
> Doxy...???? I am SO happy that there are still a couple of things out there 
> that we still can get our hands on that don't have to pass muster with script 
> pad businessmen....? STILL I am also not advocating the the medically ill 
> prepared take it upon themselves to decide that THEY will decide what is best 
> for their animal... If we are going to go above and beyond our Vets advice it 
> would best be with very sound reasoning and an EXCELLENT understanding of 
> what we are doing and why.?? Anything less and the community of Veterinary 
> practitioners could easily dismiss our successes as "dumb luck" or ascribe 
> them to " unknown" factors.....? I think this is particularly important re: 
> Winstrol/Pred/Doxy?? I'd hate to see people going to their vets asking for 
> this combination of drugs and really having an inadequate understanding of 
> why they are asking for beyond the fact that it's been recommended on our 
> forum...??? For m
>  yself... I am clear on the Whys of Winstrol and Doxy ( though will be 
> looking for more lit support on the RNA effects of Doxy) but not clear on the 
> whys of the Pred.
> Sorry for taking up so much space here but I'm having an " attack " of 
> missing my little guy and am tremulous about being caught in the same 
> position if I take in another FeLV as I am inclined to do....
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