Dear All,
Unfortunately last FNA of my cat showed that he has either a lymphoma or a 
leukemia (in Belgium they are so bad that they cannot even have a conclusive 
My vet in Italy thinks I have to bring him to a university clinic to have a 
bone marrow exam, in order to decide whether a chemotherapy is worth while.

Have you had any experience with lymphoma or leukemia in Felv cats? Have you 
treated them or would be desperate and painful for the cat?

About Winstrol, the two vets were not against it, but it is illegal in Europe 
and they would give me something similar in case I decide not to go for 
chemotherapy. However, they would like to know whether your cats had already a 
lymphoma or leukemia when you used it or were just Felv + and also whether they 
had infections going on; otherwise they doubt about using doxycycline.

Sorry for all the questions, but I am afraid there is not much to be done, and 
if I want to make it a last try I have to be fast. As of today he is not eating 

Thanks for your help 

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