The suggestion of Winstrol/Doxy/Prednisone has been used repeatedly on cats 
with leukemia and lymphoma. Also, Winstrol is very helpful when a cat is not 
eating. Unfortunately, though there are other steroids, I am not certain you 
will get the same result if you use another steroid in place of the Winstrol. 
DO NOT USE another antibiotic. Doxycycline interferes with the virus 
replication and is added on to assist in retarding the reproduction of the 
virus, to enable the Winstrol and prednisone to have an effect. It is not for a 
secondary infection. 

I find it bizarre that, over and over again, vets will dither while a cat is 
dying. Put the cat on the meds, for goodness sake, and see the response and if 
there isn’t an appreciable response after a reasonable period of time, look for 
another option. But don’t have a debate while the cat is declining. What's the 
worst that could happen? It doesn’t work? What other options are they giving 

I find it odd that the vets say Winstrol is illegal in Europe. If you go on 
line, you will see that it can be ordered from places like Germany. 

If necessary, get your vets to put him on the other steroid, though I really 
doubt it will assist - Winstrol uniquely causes the turning on of blood cell 
production in the bone marrow - I don’t think there is another steroid that 
does this. Then go ahead and order the Winstrol online from Germany or wherever 
else it can be sourced. But don't wait. The longer you wait, the worse the 
condition of your cat, thus worsening the chances of anything working.


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Dear All,
Unfortunately last FNA of my cat showed that he has either a lymphoma or a 
leukemia (in Belgium they are so bad that they cannot even have a conclusive 
My vet in Italy thinks I have to bring him to a university clinic to have a 
bone marrow exam, in order to decide whether a chemotherapy is worth while.

Have you had any experience with lymphoma or leukemia in Felv cats? Have you 
treated them or would be desperate and painful for the cat?

About Winstrol, the two vets were not against it, but it is illegal in Europe 
and they would give me something similar in case I decide not to go for 
chemotherapy. However, they would like to know whether your cats had already a 
lymphoma or leukemia when you used it or were just Felv + and also whether they 
had infections going on; otherwise they doubt about using doxycycline.

Sorry for all the questions, but I am afraid there is not much to be done, and 
if I want to make it a last try I have to be fast. As of today he is not eating 

Thanks for your help 

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