I should really say that I have never used the injectable form but it is 
injected intramuscularly and doesn’t last very long, and will be far less 
convenient to give than the pills. As I mentioned in a previous response, the 
effect on the liver appears to be transitory and fades after the Winstrol is 
discontinued. You might consider an initial intramuscular injection by your 
vet, to give a quick boost to baseline, and then continuing with daily pills.

I am also THRILLED to hear that Winstrol is used regularly in Itally for FeLV. 
Finally, SOMEWHERE that is using a medication that actually shows some promise 
against this hideous virus, and doesn’t appear to be swayed by the highly 
irrelevant athletic doping scandals!

Good luck Marlene and keep us posted.


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Dear all,
Good news: Winstrol is legal in Italy for animals and is called stargate. I 
found a pharmacist who can send it to me in Belgium or I will go to Rome myself 
on Saturday, he also said it is highly used in Italy for felv cats.
What is better, pills or injections? 
I thought of pills to cause less stress, but I read it may be more toxic for 
the liver compared to the injectable one .
I am also bringing the cat to a French specialised clinic this afternoon just 
to  get a better opinion than the Belgian one.

Thanks all for your support.

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> Il giorno 02 nov 2017, alle ore 05:28, Ardy Robertson <> 
> ha scritto:
> Marlene - My Tigger had an active leukemia when I began Winstrol, based on 
> his bloodwork..... and he also was not eating. I gave him an appetite 
> stimulant called Mirtazapine, only a half of a 7.5 mg tablet, every 3rd day, 
> and that boosted his appetite. I also fed him the canned cat food that they 
> sell for after surgeries - it is very calorie dense but I don't remember the 
> name of it. Sometimes I had to clip a towel around him and syringe feed him a 
> little. I did not want to do that because he didn't like having me do that, 
> but I made up my mind that if was going to make it, he had to have some food 
> in him. I believe Amani knows the name of another good appetite stimulant. 
> When he would not drink any water, I gave him clam juice (we called it his 
> kitty cocktail)- he loved it. It is just shameful that Winstrol is not legal 
> for this use - they hold a grudge against it because of the misuse of it by a 
> few athletes. So our kitties have to suffer without the one thing that can 
> help them. It is also important to combine it with the Prednisolone and the 
> Doxycyclene because the Doxy has some property whereby it prevents the virus 
> from replicating. Best of luck with his treatment!!
> Ardy
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> help
> Don't apologize for questions, that is one way we learn.  I have had no 
> problems, but am sure Amani and others do have answers for you
> ---- marlene melpignano <> wrote: 
>> Dear All,
>> Unfortunately last FNA of my cat showed that he has either a lymphoma or a 
>> leukemia (in Belgium they are so bad that they cannot even have a conclusive 
>> result). 
>> My vet in Italy thinks I have to bring him to a university clinic to have a 
>> bone marrow exam, in order to decide whether a chemotherapy is worth while.
>> Have you had any experience with lymphoma or leukemia in Felv cats? Have you 
>> treated them or would be desperate and painful for the cat?
>> About Winstrol, the two vets were not against it, but it is illegal in 
>> Europe and they would give me something similar in case I decide not to go 
>> for chemotherapy. However, they would like to know whether your cats had 
>> already a lymphoma or leukemia when you used it or were just Felv + and also 
>> whether they had infections going on; otherwise they doubt about using 
>> doxycycline.
>> Sorry for all the questions, but I am afraid there is not much to be done, 
>> and if I want to make it a last try I have to be fast. As of today he is not 
>> eating ... 
>> Thanks for your help 
>> Marlène  
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