As I said – I had a cat in with at least 8 other cats for 7 years with no 
transmission. They shared food and water bowls, beds, grooming, playing, 
biting, scratching - the whole nine yards. I don’t think it is particularly 
contagious with older cats.


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Actually, Feline Leukemia can also be transmitted through ‘friendly’ contact.  
Sharing food/water and grooming each other over a period of time.
The virus only lives for a few hours in the environment, so really just 
cleaning out the food/water bowls and litter box after the cat leaves
should suffice, and check to see if any wet spots on floor,  etc. from water or 
urine and disinfect just to be on the safe side.

You might want to have different shoes on too?  and clothes, if you will be 
playing with and handling the cat a lot, in case drools on you…but that might be
going overboard.  Definitely wash hands after handling...


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My take on this disease is that FeL is transmitted by direct contact with blood 
or saliva from the infected cat. The FeLV is transmitted primarily through a 
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I have three cats, and take care of other people’s cats.
My daughter’s friend has a FeLV positive cat, can I keep her in a separate room 
for a week, do I have to wash all the linens and clean the room, after the cat 
goes back home?  It’s because I take care of other  friend’s cats also and want 
to know if they can catch
The disease.

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