Amani-I thought that the meds you talked about might be beneficial for both 
since both are viruses-👍thanks!

note: keeping the previous emails attached for context-hope this is okay😁
-g 🇺🇸
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> On Oct 17, 2018, at 8:04 PM, Amani Oakley <> wrote:
> I was confused about that because the "re" line said FeLV.
> It doesn’t matter though. I have used the medication combo on a cat from a 
> feral colony where FIV ran rampant and killed most of the cats. When I took 
> mine in, she was very very sick as well. She pulled through on the med 
> combination.
> Amani
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> Amani-
> Sandy said FIV, not FeLV-not sure if it makes any difference, tho’.😁❤️
> Gloria
> -g 🇺🇸
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>> On Oct 17, 2018, at 4:10 PM, Amani Oakley <> wrote:
>> Hi Sandy
>> I will step in here, and repeat what I have told so many others on this 
>> chatline.
>> I am cutting and pasting from one of my first ever posts on this forum:
>> I would like to share what I think is very important information with others 
>> who have cats diagnosed with Feline Leukemia.
>> "I am new to this forum so I don't know if my post (below) can be seen by 
>> other members of the discussion forum. If so, I apologize for reposting it a 
>> few times today in response to a few of the posts.
>> I had a cat with leukemia as a kitten, and he lived to the age of 7 and died 
>> from something else that I don't believe was related to the leukemia. When 
>> the vets told me that they could do nothing for him as a kitten dying with 
>> leukemia (and he WAS dying - his red cells were dropping down to nothing and 
>> I had given him TWO blood transfusions that weren't holding up his numbers 
>> to any great degree) then as a last ditch effort, I tried some Winstrol I 
>> had in the cupboard that a previous vet had given to me for another cat. 
>> This medication turned him completely around. To monitor his condition, we 
>> were performing weekly blood tests on him - CBC, liver function, etc. After 
>> being put on the Winstrol, his red cells and white cell counts began to 
>> climb very quickly and steadily. It was totally amazing and the vets 
>> couldn't believe the lab results either. My beautiful little boy was out of 
>> the woods in about six months. We were obsessively checking the pinkness of 
>> his ears,

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