Hi Patricia

The stanozolol works very well when combined with Doxy and prednisolone – at 
least in my experience. I used 1 mg twice a day of stanozolol, but I started at 
2 mg a day with my very sick little boy, who also had a haematocrit of 5 
originally before getting a blood transfusion. He got a second blood 
transfusion when he hit a haematocrit of 10 again, and that’s when I started 
the combination of stanozolol, prednisone and Doxycycline. After he was out of 
the woods a bit, and I saw a response with the reticulocyte count (which was 
ZERO when I started the meds – ie – his bone marrow wasn’t producing ANY 
cells), then I reduced the stanozolol level to 1 mg twice a day (but I 
monitored his lab results and had to increase the stanozolol several times 
before I could safely reduce the level without seeing a drop in his 
haematocrit, retics, etc.).

I also had another cat come from a FIP positive feral colony, who was 
desperately desperately ill and didn’t think she would make it. When I got her, 
she had a very high fever, was runny and terribly congested, and had a 
percussive sound to her abdomen. I never tested her so I cannot confirm if she 
did have FIP, but I was told by the lady from whom I had gotten her, that 
several of the other cats from the FIP positive feral colony, died the same 
weekend I got her and tested FIP positive. I used the same stanozolol + 
prednisone + Doxy combination, and she pulled through very well.

I am currently using stanozolol and prednisone on a cat I first got as a 
kitten, and he was exhibiting neurological symptoms. We have had several 
problems over the years with him and I am convinced he has some sort of spinal 
tumour. He gets to where his back end is very swiveling (swinging), and he 
cannot stand or walk at all properly. He is very weak in his hindquarters. I 
have taken him in for several MRI’s and the problem is that I treat him before 
the MRI’s (because he can barely stand and clearly feels terrible). By the time 
I have had him in for the test (literally in two days sometimes) the symptoms 
will have entirely disappeared with the stanozolol and the prednisone. It 
happened again just last week. He was clearly worsening significantly, and 
could barely walk, and looked terrible. I have someone staying at the house 
because I have to be away for business right now. I came home on the weekend to 
find him in a terrible state, even though the cat sitter was giving him 10 mg 
prednisone daily (2 x 5 mg a day). I added stanozolol on the Friday. On 
Saturday, I sat for hours to try and capture the weakness on my iPhone so I 
could show the vets, but it was already so significantly improved that I really 
wasn’t able to demonstrate it on the videos I took.

I find the Stanozolol is extremely helpful with a wide variety of conditions 
with cats. One of the senior vet assistants who has been at our clinic for more 
than 30 years, recalls – as I do – that vets used to prescribe Stanozolol very 
commonly to cats for a whole variety of conditions, until the stupid Ben 
Johnson doping scandal at the Olympics in the late 1980’s. Because of the 
doping scandals, and an overly sensitive concern about liver damage (which is 
not established by the scientific literature – the condition is usually 
temporary only), then vets stopped using it or weren’t able to get it. It is a 
true tragedy for our cats.

I would be very interested to hear back from you, if you do decide to try the 
stanozolol, to let us all know what response you got, if any.


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Hi from Brazil,

I rescued a very weak, dehydrated, extremely thin kitten.

She's hospitalized now. Her hematocrit was 8, had blood transfusion which 
raised hematocrit to 22, now it is 19. Low reticulocyte count.
She has difficulty walking, which we can not define if it is just weakness or 
neurological. Already had a seizure.

She also have changes in her kidneys. It has been tested and is felv +

She is receiving doxy and the hospital vets would like to include prednisolone.

However, as it is not possible yet to rule out PIF, and the medication I could 
use in the case of PIF does not work if the cat received prednisolone, I am 
trying to avoid it.

The veterinarian agreed to prescribe stanozolol.

Can it be used without prednisolone, only with doxy she is already receiving?

Thank you!

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