Sorry Patricia – after going on and on in my last email, I realized I hadn’t 
actually answered your question. I think you can probably use the stanozolol 
with the Doxycycline, without the prednisone, but prednisone itself has 
properties which help to boost red cell production. Try it out, keep close tabs 
on the haematology results and see if you are getting a good response on just 
Doxycycline and the Stanozolol. If not, add the prednisone. You may find that 
this combination assists with the FIP as well, as per my previous email.


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Subject: [Felvtalk] Rescued kitten felv +

Hi from Brazil,

I rescued a very weak, dehydrated, extremely thin kitten.

She's hospitalized now. Her hematocrit was 8, had blood transfusion which 
raised hematocrit to 22, now it is 19. Low reticulocyte count.
She has difficulty walking, which we can not define if it is just weakness or 
neurological. Already had a seizure.

She also have changes in her kidneys. It has been tested and is felv +

She is receiving doxy and the hospital vets would like to include prednisolone.

However, as it is not possible yet to rule out PIF, and the medication I could 
use in the case of PIF does not work if the cat received prednisolone, I am 
trying to avoid it.

The veterinarian agreed to prescribe stanozolol.

Can it be used without prednisolone, only with doxy she is already receiving?

Thank you!

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